Real life hero catches 7-year-old girl who fell out window! (VIDEO)

Sometimes life really does put you at the right place at the right time. That's definitely the case with MTA bus driver Steven St. Bernard who managed to catch a young autistic girl after she fell from a third story window!


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Apparently, the 7-year-old had crawled out the window of her Coney Island apartment building when Bernard, her neighbor, saw her and ran to her aid. As can be seen in the amazing but scary video below, he stood outside the building, directly underneath the window the girl had crawled out of. When the young child slipped off the air conditioner in a terrifying fall, Bernard was able to catch her and bring her to safety without a scratch on her! Bernard, in turn, tore a tendon in his bicep during the ordeal, which he says was just a small sacrifice.

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Wow….I guess it really does pay off to have good neighbors! Seriously though, the girl and her family are incredibly lucky that Bernard was there in time and that she managed to escape what could have been a tragic incident without any injuries at all.  Watching the video of her fall, my own heart skipped a beat--so I can only imagine how terrified her family must have been!

Thankfully, everyone is safe but the whole ordeal just goes to show that parents can't take their eyes off young kids for one minute…and that it might be worth it locking your windows, even if it means dealing with this heat!   

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Image via NY Post

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