5 Reasons my cat could totally be mayor (VIDEO)

When I first read that there's the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, is a cat named Stubbs, who has just celebrated his 15 year anniversary as the leader of this small town, I was shocked. A cat for a mayor? That's just silly!

Then I started to think about it and I realized: well, maybe that's NOT such a bad idea after all. When the people in this small town were frustrated with the mayoral elections, they decided to write this kitty in. Now, a decade and a half later, they seem to be pretty happy with his services.

On that note, though, I think that my cat could TOTALLY run for office--seriously, here are five reasons why he'd make a great leader of the people.


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1. He's really, really smart: I've always thought that cats (and pets, in general) were intelligent but my kitty's really got them beat. He always knows EXACTLY what is going on in my life, including when I'm sad (I get extra cuddles) and when I'm about to leave town (he crawls into my suitcase and refuses to come out). Feeling the mood of the people will definitely help him as mayor or senator, won't it?

2. He runs around like crazy: If you've ever had a cat then you know EXACTLY what I mean by this, but for those that don't it's basically how a cat will sometimes be sitting still one minute and bolting from one corner of the house to another the next. I think that all this sudden, running around has well-prepared him for those very hectic days of doing a million things at once as a mayor.

3. He's friendly with everyone: Seriously. I sometimes refer to my cat as a dog because he just LOVES everyone. He's definitely the nicest cat I've ever met (and, let me tell you, I've met a LOT of cats!) and warms up to every person that comes up to him. This is a good skill, especially for when he's campaigning to rule the town and getting people to love him so that they'll vote for him.

4. He can sleep anywhere: My cat really likes to switch it up. One day he'll be lounging about in the living room, another day he'll chillax on the kitchen stool, sometimes he'll settle on the bathroom rug and frequently he'll sleep at the foot of the bed. It's all pretty good training for whenever he has to fly to other towns or cities for those very important state meetings, don't you think?

5. He's way cuter than Mayor Stubbs: Now, I don't really want to BRAG or anything… but Capt. Jack Sparrow (yes, that's his name) is way cuter than Mayor Stubbs. Yes, the Alaskan cat is a looker but my boy's definitely much more handsome and—if I dare say so myself—could take him in a fight. Not that Jack's a fighter but, well, he does have those NYC street smarts to beat the small town tomcat.

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Do you think it's silly that this cat is mayor of a small town in Alaska? Do you think your pets are smart enough to run for office? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Mayor Stubbs/facebook

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