How did these two Iowa girls disappear without a trace? (VIDEO)

Ten-year-old Lyric Cook-Morrissey and her 8-year-old cousin Elizabeth Collins have been missing since last Friday when they left their grandmother's home in Iowa to go on a bike ride. Although their bikes were found later that day near a bike trail by a lake, authorities have said they haven't found any indications of foul play. More than 1,000 people volunteered this weekend to search a 12-mile area around the place where they were last seen and the search was resumed today, but with no luck.

Honestly, I can't even begin to imagine what the parents--and the grandmother--of these two little girls are going through because a missing child must be one of a parent's worst nightmares.


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The anguish of not knowing what could have happened to my child and having absolutely no clues to follow would be absolutely devastating for me. This is what Lyric's mother, Misty Cook-Morrissey, told the Des Moines Register about the ordeal:

Sometimes when you think about it, you wonder if they're dead somewhere, but you try to push those thoughts out of your mind. It's been good talking to people … It keeps your mind off of what's happening.

And, can you imagine what the girls' grandmother must be going through? I mean, it's obviously not her fault at all, but she's probably questioning whether letting them go on a bike ride by themselves was such a good idea. Both girls were told countless times that they weren't allowed to venture too far away because they were still too young. 

I know it's irrational, but stories like this one make me feel like I'll never be comfortable enough letting my children play by themselves outside when they get older for fear of what could happen. I know that's ridiculous because there's no way I can watch them 24/7 anyway, but I'd be unable to forgive myself if something happened to them while I let them go unsupervised.

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I can only hope that these little girls are found as soon as possible or that at least authorities are able to find some kind of clue that will help them in their search for them. 

What do you think? How is it that these two Iowa girls have disappeared without a trace?

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