3 teens charged for video-taped, deadly beating of Mexican man

Facebook has become more than just way to connect with friends—now it's helping police catch criminals!  Three Chicago teens have been charged with first-degree murder after they taped themselves fatally beating up 62-year-old Mexican man, Delfino Mora, and then posted the video on the social media site.


Authorities say that Mora was attacked and robbed in an alley early Tuesday while collecting cans to help support his family.  Mora was a father of 12 and suffered from a disability caused by a prior workplace injury.  Hours after the attack occurred, a passer-by found him later and called the paramedics. Mora was taken to a local hospital, but died Wednesday morning of blunt head trauma. 

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Before fleeing the scene however, one of the suspects recorded the beating and then later posted it online. That video is what ultimately led officials to the three suspects, 16-year-old Malik Jones, 17-year-old Nicholas Ayala, and 18-year-old Anthony Malcolm.  They are heading to court today to await their sentence.

What a tragedy for the family! It's absolutely heartbreaking to know that 12 kids lost their father for such a cruel and cold-blooded crime. I mean, what kind of people would go after a helpless, older man for no reason? Not to mention, tape the attack and post it to Facebook as if it's something to be proud of?!

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And the fact that the attackers were teens almost makes it worse—it shows that even young kids are capable of terrible crimes. Now, they will have to face what are surely to be severe consequences …and honestly, they deserve it. Anyone who brags about committing such a senseless and brutal act clearly has no remorse or heart and should be treated as such.

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Image via ABC 7

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