5 Latin superstitions to help you survive Friday the 13th!

It's Friday the 13th! You know what that means--bad luck abounds, so you better be extra careful today…at least, if you're super superstitious like I am!  As a Latina, I grew up listening to my mom and abuela's advice on how to be fortunate in career, love and life and I'll be the first to admit that I STILL follow all of their rules. To this day, I am terrified after having a dream about my teeth falling out and you will never, ever see me open an umbrella under a roof or walk under a ladder (hey, it's worked for me so far!).  And since today is an especially ill-fated date, I thought I'd pass on 5 Latin superstitions that l grew up with to help you--and your family--get through the day. Good luck!


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  1. Have your baby wear an azabache bracelet or necklace! In Latin American countries, it's thought to help protect newborns from the evil eye,
  2. Don't put your bag on the floor! If you do it on any day, it could mean that you'll lose money, but doing it today could mean an even greater loss!
  3. Keep a glass full of water on top of the fridge or behind the door. It will help keep negative energy and harmful spirits away from your house. An upside down broom behind the door will also do the trick!
  4. Avoid black cats. In my house, this was just as much a bad omen as it is in American culture. My abuela also used to say that sleeping with a dog or a cat could make you infertile….so maybe you're better off avoiding animals today!
  5. Don't accept any presents today! In my family, there is a mile-long list of items (from knives to shoes) that can potentially bring you bad luck for different reasons on various occasions. So unless it's a diamond ring, play it safe today and just say "No thanks!"

What are some of the superstitions in your household? Tell us in the comments below!

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