Woman accidentally catches a shark while fishing! (VIDEO)

While on a recent fishing trip, one South Carolina woman got a lot more than she bargained for a shark jumped out of the water and snapped the fish that had been hooked on her reel!

In the scary (and kind of hilarious) video that has quickly gone viral, Sarah Brame is trying to reel in her first catch while on fishing expedition in her husband. Suddenly, a 5-foot long bull shark leaps out of the water and swipes her fish, causing her, her fiancée, and the rest of their group to scream and curse in fear and disbelief.


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"I was actually kind of scared because I seen it jump and actually thought it could jump up here and get me," Brame told a local news station. "Because the tide was all the way up, and it was probably 3 feet below me."

Wow, well that's certainly a day Brame will never forget! It's a good thing they got it all on tape, because the whole ordeal is so unexpected that it would have been hard to believe otherwise. But really the best part of the video is the group's HYSTERICAL reaction—which, just a warning, involves a lot of expletives. Still, I think they all handled it well considering. I mean, if it was me, I probably would've dropped the fishing line and ran the heck out of there!  

Apparently though, the entire experience has made Brame terrified of the ocean, as she told Good Morning America early this morning. Her fiancé, on the other hand, has no such fears, telling the show that right after the video was shot, he tried to catch the shark AGAIN. Um…is he crazy or what?!

Watch the whole video here:

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Image via YouTube

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