What would you do if you randomly found $10,000? Many people would rejoice and exclaim "finders keepers!" But one homeless Brazilian couple, Rejaniel Santos and Sandra Domingues, actually did just the opposite--they turned it over to the police!

Early Sunday morning, the duo was sleeping under an overpass in Sao Paolo, a spot that they often frequented, when they found a bag containing 20,000 Brazilian Reais—the equivalent of 8,830 US dollars! Though they could have used the money, the couple says wanted to do the right thing by turning it in and never even considered keeping it.  

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"I learned from my mother to never take anything that belongs to others," Santos told TV Globo. Isn't that incredible?! It's especially hard to believe since reportedly, the couple only earns around $7.50 a day collecting and recycling trash and only own a mattress, two blankets, and a bag with clothes.

Police have since identified the real owner of the money and returned it to the local restaurant where it was apparently stolen last week. The restaurant is reportedly planning on rewarding the couple for their truthfulness.

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Honestly, I am in complete awe that these people were so good-hearted that they gave up the money, even though they could've so desperately used it! If it was me and I was in their financial situation, I know I would've definitely been tempted to keep it, even if I probably wouldn't have in the end. It's amazing and heartening to see that such honesty still exists in some people. I hope the couple is aptly rewarded for their actions. One thing's for sure--they probably have some good karma coming their way!

Image via Folha de S.Paulo

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Wow! I'm speechless! This is an amazing story and, you're right, it's great to see that there are still some honest people in this world!

Many blessings from God to you.

It  is good to see GREAT news in this world of so much evil.  Please show the world there are some people that  "Choose the right""

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