Florida teen loses arm but survives alligator attack with trick he learned from reality TV! (VIDEO)

Talk about a close call! A quick-thinking teen managed to survive an alligator attack that took place in Florida yesterday. 17-year-old Kaleb Langdale lost his right arm after the terrifying encounter with an alligator (which was reportedly 800 lbs and at least 10 feet long!) but kept his life by taking some fast, shrewd actions.


Langdale was swimming in a lake near the Glades County Area when an alligator swam straight to him. In order to prevent the animal from getting to his body, Langdale put his arm in front of him, which the alligator clamped onto before dragging the teen under water.  Shortly after, the teen re-surfaced. "He was waving saying, 'Call the paramedics! My arm is gone!'" said one of Langdale's friends Gary Beck.

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So what did he do to save himself? Apparently, the teen remembered a trick he had previously seen professional gator trappers do on reality TV, which involves pinching the skin of the gator to try to free himself. When he realized he wouldn't be able to escape with his arm intact, he disengaged the rest of his body and the alligator spiraled, taking his arm but allowing Langdale to swim away.

And the teen's life-saving actions didn't stop there. Though Langdale was obviously shaken up, he says he was still able to stop the bleeding from the loss of his arm before the paramedics even arrived. Now, he is recovering and  in good condition at a local hospital.

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Wow, is that amazing or what? That is one sharp-witted teenager! Not many other people would have been able to react and save themselves the way he did. I know I definitely wouldn't have known to do! Though I'm sure he is still reeling from the terrifying ordeal, he and his family must be so grateful that he is even alive—and all thanks to his quick thinking... and his penchant for reality TV!  

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Image via NBC