Did the media kill "vodka mom"? (VIDEO)

A woman charged with two counts of manslaughter last month in the death of her baby couldn't take the public's condemnation for her crime and decided to take her own life by setting herself on fire over the weekend. Toni Medrano, of Minnesota, allegedly killed her newborn baby after drinking a fifth of vodka, falling asleep on the couch and rolling over on to him.



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Adrian Alexander Medrano died of asphyxia on Nov. 22 and after his mother was charged last month, the lovely Nancy Grace--whose show, in my opinion, should be banned from the airwaves--featured her case. Grace dubbed Toni the "vodka mom," and lobbed her usual brutal criticism, even going so far as to ask why she hadn't been charged with murder. Now Medrano's family is saying she was depressed after watching the show and they're convinced that's what led her to commit suicide. 

I know that, ultimately, it was Medrano's decision to take her life, but we'd all be lying if we didn't admit that Grace's show likely had a large impact on this mother's mental state--which I'm sure was already in disarray after having to deal with the death of her baby. As journalism professor Chris Ison of the University of Minnesota told Fox 9 News:

Media can have a big impact on a case like this--and on a person like this. If you are treating it like entertainment, the news value is reduced--and sometimes when you are ridiculing or making a person more embarrassed, the potential for harm can go up.

As a journalist with almost 20 years of experience, I would call Nancy Grace's show anything but journalism. To me, it's mostly a circus featuring a woman incessantly screaming and ranting. Sadly, the public eats up that kind of crap and Medrano must have felt Grace's wrath. Now, I'm not condoning what Medrano did to her baby, but I think that living with that for the rest of her life would've been punishment enough. 

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By the way, this is not the first time that someone featured on Grace's program takes their life. I wonder how that makes Nancy Grace feel?

Do you think Nancy Grace's show drove Medrano to suicide? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

Image via Fox 9

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