Parents put baby in carry-on & get busted when it goes through X-ray machine

Just when you think parenting fails can't get any worse, you find out about two idiot parents who put their baby inside a carry-on bag so they could smuggle him into the United Arab Emirates without a visa! The 5-month old boy was discovered by an X-ray machine worker who alerted authorities immediately. The Egyptian couple, whose names have not been released, were arrested and charged with endangering the life of the child and infiltration.

The whole problem got started on Friday after the couple landed in the UAE and was told by immigration officials that they couldn't come into the country since the baby lacked a visa. In fact, he apparently didn't have a passport or any kind of documentation to allow him into the country.


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The parents were told they would have to wait until Sunday when the immigration office opened up again to sort out the visa issue. Desperate, the parents decided not to wait until Sunday and on Saturday morning they zipped the baby boy inside their carry-on luggage and attempted to smuggle him into the country.

This is what police told Gulf News about the incident: 

When customs officials saw the baby inside the bag at the X-ray scanner, they were stunned. This machine is very dangerous for anyone, let alone a baby in a bag to pass through.

Can you imagine? There's no word on the health status of the baby, but I pray to God he is doing okay. Poor little thing... Why couldn't the parents just wait until Sunday to deal with the visa issue?

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As someone who has to get visas for pretty much anywhere I want to travel to (except my home country), I know how annoying, time-consuming and expensive this process can be. And yet, it would never ever occur to me to endanger my child's life by putting him in my carry-on knowing that I'd have to put him through an X-ray machine. ¡Qué locura!

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Images via Dubai Police Handout

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