Did you ever think your neighbor's python might eat your baby?

Holy F! A giant python just tried to eat a baby. I repeat: a python tried to EAT A BABY! Huh?!

Talk about the scariest thing you can imagine coming into your home. At least, well, that's certainly how I feel about it. The 2-foot-long snake apparently belonged to a neighbor and must have gotten accidentally free. Then, around 11p.m. last night, a man heart his 1-year-old son making noises and discovered the ball python wrapped around the boy's left foot with a bite already on the boy. 


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The story of the whole thing is pretty remarkable. It seems that the baby's father, Devin Winans, was actually able to stay calm enough to use a blanket to pull the python of the boy. Afterward, the mom, Sara Lacey, took the infant to the hospital to treat the baby's snake bite mark, bruise and scratches. Somewhat miraculously, though, "her son stayed calm during most of the ordeal, never crying until his wounds were cleaned." 

The mom seemed pretty shocked about the whole thing, though, saying that the apartment building where the family lives is supposed to be pet free and that it was "something we never thought of happening," according to a story in the Herald Review. 

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I mean, who would have ever thought of such a thing?! A neighbor's pets can apparently be quite a danger to your kids and it's NO laughing matter. Although the python has been sent to an animal shelter and they're still trying to contact the snake's owner, I really hope the man will face some sort of charges for having the animal at large and, well, endangering a child's life! 

How would you react to finding a neighbor's pet snake wrapped around your child? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via OZinOH/flickr

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