Two-year-old miraculously survives after pencil penetrates her skull! (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Talk about an amazing recovery! Two-year-old Wren Bowell has miraculously survived after she fell on a pencil that pierced her eye socket and ended up penetrating her skull.


Apparently, Bowell had been drawing in her bedroom and was running to show her parents when she tripped and the pencil she was holding went into her eye socket. Her mother, a nursery nurse, called emergency paramedics and the girl was taken to a local hospital.

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Luckily, the pencil missed her eye and stopped just 1 mm away from a major blood vessel that could've killed her or caused severe brain damage if broken. As it was, it took surgeons around four hours to operate on the toddler and they had to remove a part of her skull to get the pencil out. Despite the sensitive procedure, Bowell managed to get through the whole thing with no further injuries or any extensive damage.

Wow, what an amazing and fortunate twist of fate! Seriously, I don't even want to think about all of the harm that could have been done if the pencil had penetrated any further or even fallen a few inches either way into her eye. The whole ordeal must have been terrifying for her and her parents, but thankfully, everything turned out OK.

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And there is one good thing that came out of the scary accident-- Bowell's dad, Martyn Bowell, has signed up for a first aid course since then (a very smart idea!) and is now also giving back to the hospital by raising money for the its children's unit so that it can buy new toys for its patients. Isn't that sweet?!

Above all though, Bowell's story is a reminder to every parent of how important it is to teach your kids to be extra cautious always! I know not every accident can be avoided, but anything to prevent your family from going through such a horrifying experience like Bowell's is definitely worth it.

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Image via The Grosby Group

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