Meet Mexico's new First Lady! (VIDEO)

I'm still grieving over the news of our new Mexican President, so I would like to ask journalists to please refrain from calling our new First lady, Angelica Rivera, a "glamorous star"

Let's be clear about one thing ladies and gentleman, Peña Nieto is not married to a glamorous star, he is married to a soap opera actress.



Granted she did help him land the job but it wasn't because she's mysterious or magical, it's because sadly in our country, some people thought this election was more about getting our own "Prom King and Queen".

I don't care if people have a bad memory and decide to go along with this new staged and corny image of Angelica Rivera, because in my mind she is and will always be a Televisa queen, or more likely, "La Gaviota".

You just have to see a picture of her, casting her vote last Sunday, the soon-to-become-first-lady was totally dressed for the part in her smart Chanel-wanna-be-suit.

La Gaviota came to Enrique Peña Nieto's life to complete an already glossy picture of the future President, she helped raise the number of groupies standing in lines during his campaign rallies, pressing against barricades, screaming "Enrique bonbon!" "Peña, you're hot," and "I want you on my mattress." To all of them, Angelica Rivera emulates the person they so badly dream to be and in truth, La Gaviota is every bit as much of a celebrity as her husband.

Angélica Rivera was married for 14 years to television producer José Alberto Castro. The couple divorced in 2007. Three years later, Rivera met Peña Nieto while filming a promotional video for the state of Mexico, where Peña Nieto was the governor at the time. They married in 2010 in the Toluca Cathedral. Each has three children from their previous marriages and Peña Nieto has a fourth child from an extramarital relationship. (His former lover Maritza Díaz, regularly posts insulting FB updates accusing him of neglecting their son).

For the last two years, Peña Nieto had his wife by his side -- not only that -- the soap opera star also became an impromptu reality TV producer during her husband's campaign. She taped short "emotional" videos during campaign stops of her husband and her sharing ice cream or chatting about their experiences at the end of the day. The videos titled "What my eyes see, what my heart feels," were hits in YouTube. Some of them have more than half a million views.

I can't deny that Peña Nieto will soon become the most handsome president in Mexican history. Lucky for him because his credentials' certainly did not give him the necessary experience to run a country of almost 114 million, so aside from the fact that he got "a little help from his friends", the PRI candidate's good looks definitely contributed to get him the part.

I may not like Angelica Rivera and I may not think she is suited to become our First Lady, but she does deserve her prize for playing a key role in the return to power of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Way to go Gaviota!

And "Happy Birthday Mr. President..."

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