Anderson Cooper makes it official: 'The fact is, I'm gay'

My reaction to Anderson Cooper telling the world he is gay? Finally! Also, why did it take him so long? You'll have to read his remarks about it on the Daily Beast to get all the details, but basically he thought that, as a journalist, it didn't really matter who he loved. In other words, what he does in his personal life is nobody's business. I'm with him 100 percent. Whether you're a journalist or not, your sexual orientation should be of no concern to anybody but your self.

However, Cooper is a public figure adored and admired by many and, just like he said, by not acknowledging he is gay, he has "given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something--something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid." And he's totally right. 


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I mean, I find it very hard to believe that Cooper's announcement came as a surprise to anybody that knows anything about him--kind of like when Ricky Martin finally came out. In other words, most people already knew, which makes it impossible not to wonder what took him so long. I'm pretty sure that his silence certainly sent the wrong message to a lot of people, including many in his same predicament. 

As someone with two gay family members, I can say first-hand that what Cooper has done is huge because he's in a position of power. I believe that as a communicator, he can do wonders in terms of helping people understand that not agreeing with somebody's sexual orientation doesn't give you the green light to hurt them. I'm sick and tired of hearing stories of people being bullied and discriminated against simply because they're gay. And I don't ever want to hear another story of a teenager--or anybody else for that matter--comitting suicide because of their sexual orientation.

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So I applaud Cooper for doing the right thing... I just wished he'd done it much earlier.

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