This woman is throwing a $200,000 wedding for her DOG! Would you?

I love my two dogs to death and always thought it would be cute to somehow incorporate them in my future wedding, even though they're hyper and would probably bark and sprint their way the entire way down the aisle. That being said, I would never, EVER, in a million years throw them their own party for anything--much less their own wedding!

But apparently, animal rescue advocate Wendy Diamond doesn't agree. She's throwing her recently adopted pup, Baby Hope, a lavish $200,000 wedding! WHAT?!


In an attempt to break the Guiness World Record for the Most Expensive Wedding for Animals (the current record is $32,000), Diamond is not overlooking any details, even buying the dog her own designer gown from famed bridal boutique, Kleinfelds. Oh, except for the one small thing that is still missing though--the groom! Diamond is actually using Facebook to ask interested dog-owners to submit prospective partners for Baby Hope!

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But though I know it sounds insane, don't go chucking Diamond into the loony bin category just yet! There is an actual upside to the seemingly ridiculous nuptials. All of the goods and services for the nuptials have actually been donated by vendors and others, not paid for out of Diamond's pocket. And more importantly, Diamond-- who has previously raised thousands of dollars for animal welfare--expects  this pet "wedding" to generate around $50,000 through donations and cost of tickets, all of which she plans to donate to The Humane Society and research for canine cancer (her first dog, Lucky, died of the disease).

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Well, OK, I admit I still think Diamond's a little crazy (I mean, she's throwing a wedding for her dog!)...but at least all that work is going to a really great cause! I would've been much more concerned for her sanity had she been throwing her pet an expensive wedding just because she felt like it. And at least no one can ever say she's not creative with her fundraising.

Would you ever throw a "pet wedding?" Tell us in the comments below!

Image via AnimalFair

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