Dedicated dog saves toddler from drowning in pool!

Once again, a protective pooch has come to the rescue of one of its owners! An Indiana mom says her dog saved her son from downing after the toddler fell into their swimming pool.


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Patricia Drauch was walking to her garage when she realized her 14-month-old boy, Stanley, was no longer following her. Upon running back to the backyard, she found him face-up in the pool on top of the back of her black labrador, Bear. Apparently, the dog was holding the child to help him stay above water!

Shortly after he was found, the boy was rushed to the hospital, where he regained conciousness and was deemed otherwise uninjured. "There's no water in his lungs, so we all believe if it wasn't for Bear holding him up out of the water, he would have sunk down," Dauch told Fox News.

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What an amazing story! Seriously, that dog is a superhero. I've always been a big fan of dogs, but this makes me love them even more. Stanley and his parents must be so thankful to have Bear as part of their family and to know that he's clearly got their back. I hope they've spoiled him with pleny of doggie treats as a thank you--he deserves it!

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Image via ABC

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