Mexican doctors remove 33-pound tumor from toddler! (VIDEO)

In astounding news, Mexican doctors recently succesfully removed a 33-pound tumor from a 2-year-old boy, Jesus Rodriguez, who weighed just 26 pounds--less than the actual tumor itself!


Rodriguez was reportedly born with a lump that covered the right side of his body from his armpit to his hip. Though it was benign, the tumor was incredibly large, especially for the little infant.

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It took 10 hours for the doctors at La Raza Medical Center in Mexico City to remove the tumor but amazingly enough, Rodriguez not only survived the procedure, but is recovering and doing well! Apparently, the tumor was the first one ever removed by Mexican doctors that weighed more than the actual patient.

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Wow, is that amazing or what? That poor little boy must have had a very difficult time maneuvering through life with all of that extra weight on his body. Actually, I'm surprised that they even waited until he was two years old to remove it. Still, I'm glad that he is now healthy and recovering and will get to enjoy the rest of his life freely. Thank goodness for the miracles of modern medicine—and for all the brave doctors who just changed the toddler's life.

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image via YouTube

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