Security dean viciously beats up student at school for NO reason! (VIDEO)

I've always known that when I become a mom, I'll be the fiercest kind--strict but still ferociously protective and caring of my kids. In fact, I'm already that way with my little cousins! That's why I'm completely OUTRAGED over this horrifying video, in which a Brooklyn teacher severely beats up a student for no good reason!



Apparently, the student's mom, Diane John, got a call back in March saying that her son had intitiated a fight with a teacher. When she confronted 15-year-old Kristoff John, he said he had done nothing but she just assumed he was lying. Then, this week, the Daily News got their hands on a shocking video of the incident that shows the teen has been telling the truth all long!

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In the horrifying video, Kristoff, apparently running late to class, tries to scan his card to the security entrance at George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School and when it fails to work, he tries to push through. That's when the security dean and shop teacher, Stephan Hudson, grabs the boy, throws him to the ground, bashes him against the table, and then picks him up again only to hold him in a headlock. Meanwhile, several teachers stand around the two, doing absolutely nothing until at least a minute has passed and finally someone breaks them apart, at which point the boy, not Hudson, gets apprehended by school cops! WHAT?!

The Daily News showed the video to Kristoff's mom, who says that Hudson himself called her about the altercation but said that her son had started the fight and that he was willing to settle the matter amicably. Can you believe the nerve of that guy?! She also said that she asked the school for the videotape earlier, but they never got back to her. Now, she is asking for a thorough investigation into the incident and that Hudson be removed from the school.

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Meanwhile, Kristoff returned to the school back in March only to continue to feel frightened and bullied until finally, he went to live with his aunt in his family's native Grenada.

Oh my god, that poor kid! Seriously, I can't believe the school has managed to get away this for so long! If I was his mom, I would be in full mama bear mode right now, doing whatever it takes to get that teacher fired and far away from any other children. And though maybe she should've believed him in the first place, I can understand why she didn't. After all, he is a teenager.

Still, now that the truth has surfaced, I hope Hudson and the rest of the school officials who didn't handle the matter appropriately are aptly punished and that Kristoff's mom learns to put more faith in her son from now on. Kristoff did nothing but tell the truth and act like a normal teen throughout the whole situation and he deserves a big, fat apology.


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