Swedish police launch search to help little girl find missing teddy bear!

Do your kids have a favorite stuffed animal or toy? I used to drag around this raggedy, little stuffed dog named Brownie (now the name of my real dog!) until it finally got so gross, my parents had to take it away from me. Although they tried to get me a new on, I remember being totally heartbroken---which is why I thought it was SO cute when I heard how these Swedish police officers were helping one little girl find her missing teddy bear!


A Swedish website, The Local, says that authorities in Stockholm have posted a "missing teddy bear" picture on their Facebook page in order to try and help reuniute the young girl with her best stuffed friend! Apparently, the girl, Tyra, lost the teddy bear last week and has been devastated ever since.

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"The teddy bear really means a lot to her. She can't sleep properly at night without it, and she searches for it when she wakes in the morning," Tyra's mother, Kristin Blomqvist told local news, adding that the family posted "missing bear" posters around their neighborhood as well. When an off-duty police officer spotted the poster, he took a picture of it and uploaded it to the Facebook page, adding a caption that urges people to "like" the photo, spread the link, and keep their eyes open to try and find the beloved teddy bear back to Tyra.

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AWWW! Isn't that incredibly sweet? It's nice to see that some cops continue doing good even after they off the clock. And though apparently some critics were questioning if the officer should be doing something else with his time (really, what is wrong with some people?), authorities at the station responded that there was no cost to anyone if the policeman used his free time to aid the little girl. And I agree! I hope that with their help, Tyra and her bear are reunited soon!

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Image via Södermalm Police

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