Ridiculous sunscreen ban lands two little girls in hospital (VIDEO)

What if your child came home from school with severe sunburns because of a law that prevents her from applying sunscreen?

It's exactly what happened when Jesse Michener's two daughters, Violet and Zoe, who arrived from school in pain with blisters on their face and their normally fair skin glowing red. The two girls, 11 and 9, had baked for five hours outside during field day without being able to apply sunscreen. You see, their school has a ban that says teachers can't apply sunscreen to students, and even worse, students who wish to use sunscreen need a doctor's note.

Are you kidding me?


My light-skinned husband once burned on a cloudy day in Ecuador, and he was in bad shape for almost a week. I can't imagine the kind of pain Violet and Zoe suffered. Plus, Zoe suffers from a form of albinism, so her skin is especially sensitive. Even my caramel-colored child sometimes looks pasty white because I'm constantly painting him with sunscreen and I'm always warning him to avoid sun damage and sunburns.

The Tacoma School district apologized for the incident but cited the Washington state law that prevents the use of sunscreen.

This isn't just a local problem, though. Turns out 49 states have instituted sunscreen bana. I understand why there might be valid concerns about teachers touching their students in order to apply sunscreen, but I don't get why a student would need a note from the doctor to self-apply.

Understandably, Jesse Michener is now on a mission to change this ban in Washington. Hopefully, other states will realize how ridiculous and dangerous this can be for a child and follow suit.

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Image via ABC News

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