Bullied bus monitor, Karen Klein, gets apologies from kids & half a million dollars in donations!

After a video came out of kids viciously taunting a Greece, NY, school bus monitor, I was appalled and disgusted by their behavior. I couldn't imagine how they could do that to another human being and, I'm glad to say, I'm not the only one that was outraged by what happened.

I wasn't the only one who has been struck by the unbelievable cruelty that bus monitor Karen Klein has suffered at the hands of the Greece School District kids. Since then, she has received an outpouring of support online and (finally!) three of the children have apologized to the 68-year-old grandmother. 


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One student, identified as "Josh", apologized and said that "when I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that" while another's apology, identified as "Wesley", said that "I wish I had never done those things. If that had happened to someone in my family, like my mother or grandmother, I would be really mad at the people who did that to them." 

I really wish that he had thought of all of that before the video came out. Actually, before he and his friends ever bullied this poor woman. That's what these kids really need: a reminder of who they're really hurting, people that are similar to others in their lives and that's exactly why they don't need to hurt anyone ever again.

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In the meantime, though, Karen Klein is getting "chills" because of the overwhelming support she has received. There's a fundraiser that was started with the goal of collecting $5,000 to give her a "dream vacation" that is now over $520,000. I think it's amazing how people have responded and I hope that the rest of those boys apologize and learn from this.

Are you glad that the kids have apologized to Karen? Are you hoping they will do more to repair the bullying they have done? Share with us in the comments below!

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