OMG! How is there ANOTHER zombie attack?! (VIDEO)

Seriously, guys, WHAT IS GOING ON?! I can't believe the news that there is yet another zombie-like attack in Florida.

As a former resident of the Sunshine State, I can't help but wonder why all of this keeps happening down there. I mean, there's definitely been news of these crazy people biting others and eating flesh in other states, but why Florida again today?! I just can't believe that these attacks keep happening. And is it all seriously still because people are insisting on using "bath salts" to get high? It's just insane. WHY, people, WHY are you doing this?


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The newest attack happened in a Manatee County home when a man "under the influence" (of what, I'm not sure yet) visited his girlfriend's home to see his kids but then seemed to go absolutely crazy and got naked, started throwing furniture around and got in a huge fight, then bit a man in the arm.

Charles Baker, 26, actually took a chunk of flesh out of the other man's arm and even took some of his bicep. Bicep?! Now the drug-fueled zombie-like attacks are eating muscle, too? I am absolutely horrified. Even more so because apparently it took quite a bit of force to take the man down, with two police deputies actually having to deploy their electric shock devices three times, according to ABC Action News.

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If THAT doesn't sound like a creepy, crazy zombie-like attack, then I don't know what does. More police had to come to the scene before the man was apprehended and taken to a Manatee Memorial Hospital in Palmetto, FL, to be held for evaluation before he'll be put in jail. I personally am just absolutely horrified that people are STILL taking the synthetic drug known as "bath salts" if this is the result. Okay, so we don't know if that's what the man was on but it certainly sounds like the same symptoms as before. And I, for one, am starting to seriously get freaked out.

What do you think of this latest zombie-like attack? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Manatee County Sheriff's Office

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