Latino teen miraculously survives after getting accidentally shot in head with spear! (VIDEO)

I've heard some pretty amazing recovery stories lately, but none of them have astounded me quite as much as that of 16-year-old Latino, Yasel López. The teen is being called a miracle after he was accidentally shot through the head with a spear and survived!


I know--my jaw dropped, too! Apparently, Lóez was fishing with a friend in Miami when their 3-foot-spear gun unexpectedly went off and pierced López through the head. The force of the impact was so strong that it knocked him into the water. 

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Luckily, his friend reacted quickly, calling 911 so that López could be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Jeez, can you even imagine what those doctors must have been thinking when he arrived? Medics had to surgically remove the spear and by some amazing stroke of fate, López survived.

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On Monday, he was only able to speak short sentences and is also reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder—understandably so! Still, he and his family should count his lucky stars that he's even alive. I mean, the spear somehow managed to miss all of the major blood vessels and didn't damage any of his vital brain structures. Now that's a true miracle!

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Image via NBC

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