Brave 11-year-old boy stabs his mom's attacker (VIDEO)

Just looking at the innocent, baby face of fourth-grader Terrance Allen makes me want to hug him. The 11-year-old boy became an unlikely hero last weekend after "he had enough" of watching his mom's live-in boyfriend choking both her and a cousin in their Brooklyn apartment. Little Terrance grabbed a small steak knife and stabbed Timothy Pender, 42, in the back to save the women's lives. He then ran out the apartment and down a dozen flights of stairs until he found somebody willing to help him and they called 911.

Pender, an ex-con with multiple prior arrests, was charged with second-degree assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and criminal mischief. The boy hero now wants to be a cop so he can arrest other people like her mom's attacker. 


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While Terrance is to be applauded for his bravery, NO child should ever have to go through something as terrifying as what he expererienced last Saturday. "I was frightened," the little boy told the Daily News... and I can't even begin to imagine. I mean, what is an 11-year-old child supposed to do while he watches his mom being brutally assaulted by her boyfriend for more than 30 minutes in an attack that spilled from the hallway to the kitchen to the living room? Can you imagine the horror this boy must have felt as he watched on helplessly?

I'm not going to blame his mother for what happened, but my heart aches for this boy, and many others like him, whose parents put them in dangerous situations because of their own weaknesses or self-esteem issues. Terrance is really lucky that he's still alive. What if Pender--obviously a violent man--had turned on him? The knife wounds he got were not life-threatening, but I can only imagine the rage he felt when he realized what was going on. 

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Hopefully, Terrance's mom has learned a lesson from her son and will look for help to get away from abusive relationships. 

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