Why was a third-grader forced to shower at school?! (VIDEO)

When I read about the eight-year-old in Fort Worth that was forced to shower because he was smelly, I was appalled, then angry.

If the lawsuit filed in Fort Worth Federal Court is true, then a third grader was stripped of his clothes by two school employees—Julie West and Debbie Van Rite— and scrubbed down.

Any seasoned teacher knows that third-graders smell. At that age their arm pits begin emitting funky odors, and lots of kids refuse or forget to wear deodorant. I've lived it as a parent and heard about this issue from friends who are teachers.


According to the lawsuit:

 They began violently washing his body with a washcloth, scrubbing him over a large portion of his body, stuck cotton balls in his ears, all while ridiculing and harassing him about being 'dirty.'

I can't imagine what kind of bodily odors forced these two to humiliate the poor boy! What an error in their judgment.Along with the humiliation comes the fact that the boy was naked and that he was touched. His right to his body was taken away.

Early on I taught my son that no one--even family members--should touch his body. No exceptions.

I'm enraged for what Amber and Michael Tilley are going through. I can't think of any circumstance that would make it alright for this to happen.

Shame on the school nurse and counselor and Peaster Elementary school.

How would you handle the situation of your child was scrubbed down by school employees?  

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