I was absolutely thrilled when President Obama announced that he was halting the deportation of young, undocumented immigrants--and I'm not the only one! His decision has won favor with Latino voters all over the world.

According to a new poll by Latino Decisions, 49 percent of Latino voters in five states, (including Florida, Colorado,  Nevada, Virginia and Arizona) said Obama's move made them more enthusiastic about the president. And Hollywood's most well-known Hispanic celebs are also celebrating.


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"Because of President Obama, young people who pledge allegiance to our flag, are raised in our schools, contribute to our economy, and serve in our military will no longer be deported because of the decisions of their parents," Eva Longoria shared in a link on Twitter. "President Obama knows what we all know: these proud and hard-working young adults are Americans in every way but one, on paper." Ana Ortiz, Adam Rodriguez, Jorge Hernández and several other stars also shared their support of Obama's choice. 

But the amazing ramifications of this new policy are best reflected in the faces of kids who Obama may have just very well saved! They are young men, women, teens and college students who now have an opportunity at eventually becoming valuable and productive members of our society without having to live their lives in fear and intimidation.

Kudos, Obama for giving these young people a REAL shot at living the American Dream.

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