George Zimmerman worries for his wife's safety a little too late

Yesterday, the world got their first glimpse at George Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, when was she was arrested and her mug shot was released. Now, Zimmerman is saying that all of the publicity is making him afraid for his wife's safety.

Shellie was taken into a local jail and charged with one count of perjury after she withheld the truth about her and her husband's financial state under oath. After she posted bail and was released, her husband's lawyer told ABC News that the new public attention on her is making Zimmerman very nervous.  


"Certainly now that she's been charged with a crime he's worried about her, and also worried now that she's out in the public eye," his attorney Mark O'Mara said. Hmm… maybe Zimmerman should've thought about that before (literally) making her his partner in crime?

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The statement comes right after authorities discovered that Shellie was allegedly using money transfers of relatively small amounts to hide the couple's true financial status when they were seeking his release on bond. Records show that in the days before the April bond hearing for her husband, she transferred $74,000 in eight smaller transactions ranging from $7,500 to $9,990, from her husband's credit union account to hers. Her arrest affidavit also shows that $47,000 was transferred from Zimmerman's account to his sister's in the days before the bond hearing.

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How sneaky! Seriously, I don't feel bad for her at all. I mean, Zimmerman was released on a bond that was widely regarded as way too low and unfitting of the crime and now we're finding out that they have THOUSANDS of dollars hidden away? It's ridiculous! Plus, if Zimmerman was really concerned with his wife's safety, he wouldn't have had her try to trick the legal system. I mean, why in the world would they think they could get away with that?

Besides, though she meant for her actions to help her husband, the couple's "omissions" are only hurting their credibility. In fact, I have a feeling Zimmerman is going to reap the repercussions in his second bond hearing and perhaps even in his defense later on- and rightly so! After his initial arrest and all the shadiness from him since then, officials need to keep him under a stricter watch and have him and his family on much  tighter restrictions.

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Image via Seminole County Sheriffs Office

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