13-year-old boy calls 911 after his dad murders his mom right in front of him (VIDEO)

In today's absolutely HORRIFYING news, a 13-year-old boy had to call 911 on his own parent after he witnessed his father stabbing his mother to death outside an apartment in Central Ohio. 38-year-old Jeremy Roberts killed his 22-year-old ex-wife Candice Roberts when she stopped by to pick up their two kids on Sunday morning.

 "My dad just killed my mom. He just told me to call you guys," the boy said in the phone call, in between sobs. "He just ran outside and killed my mom. And she's laying in the grass in front of the apartment."


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Roberts apparently then got on the phone himself, telling the police his apartment's address and that he had dropped his weapon (a knife) outside where his wife was. He can also be heard telling his kids that they have a "good big sister (who) will take care of you guys." Roberts reportedly hugged and kissed his children and told them that he loved them before going out to meet the police.

Authorities charged Roberts with murder and arrested him. He remains in custody, with bond set at $250,000 cash or surety.

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What the hell?! I'm so shocked and sickened by this story, I can barely wrap my mind around it. What in the world could have driven Roberts to kill his ex-wife IN FRONT of his own kids? Those poor children are now only left with no real parents (they are currently staying with their grandparents), but scarred from watching the actual murder happen. In fact, Roberts' 16-year-old daughter told CNN that her brother is haunted by what he saw and constantly replays the images of the incident in his head. How horrifying is that!

I can't even imagine what these kids must feel like. I hope the level of Roberts' punishment truly matches his horrid crime. Moreso than that however, I pray for his kids and hope that they can eventually get past this with some love and care from their grandparents and the rest of their family.  

Listen to the call here:

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Image via CNN

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