George Zimmerman's wife charged with perjury after hiding money from judge

George Zimmerman, the shooter in the case of Trayvon Martin, was put back behind bars earlier this month after a judge accused him of not being truthful about how much money he had access to. Today, his wife, Shellie, paid $1,000 bond after being booked into jail and charged with one count of perjury, for allegedly lying under oath about her and her husband's financial state.


>Zimmerman's wife had testified at the original bond hearing that the couple had limited funds, but it has since been revealed that she was aware of having over $100,000 on a PayPal account that the family set up to solicit contributions. She was released shortly after her arrest after paying bail.

"This court was led to believe they didn't have a single penny," case prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda said earlier this month. "It was misleading and I don't know what words to use other than it was a blatant lie."

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At the time that he went back to jail, Zimmerman and his defense team said the omission was a mistake, not a lie.  He was not charged with perjury, as his wife was,because he was never asked about money under oath. Another bond hearing for him will be held later this month to determine whether he should be allowed free pending trial.

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The couple's incomplete testimonies could not only hurt Zimmerman's position in his trial expected to take place in 2013 but also, his chance at a new bond placement. Personally, I think they got their chance--Zimmerman was released on a bail that most believed to be much too low for the crime and now we find he AND his wife have been unfairly withholding the truth?

At this point, there have been so many questions and holes in the duo's story that it's become pretty clear that the Zimmermans don't have great credibility--which only proves that officials need to be stricter about keeping them in their sights.

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Image via Seminole County Sheriffs Office

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