Why is "Friday" star Rebecca Black endorsing a Mexican Presidential candidate?!

During these Mexican Presidential elections, hardly anything surprises me. All Mexicans have witnessed a "show" without precedent ever since the Candidates started campaigning. It doesn't seem like it'll get less comical, at least not until July 1st (and most probably after we hear the result of the election).

However, when a young girl--I won't dare call her a pop-star (she's more like a viral star)--comes to Mexico, and publicly shows her support for Enrique Peña Nieto (of course, an actor himself), I don't know if I feel compelled to laugh or to cry.

Rebecca Black is not even old enough to vote and she's definitely not a role model for the Mexican youth, so give me a break! That poor girl continues to be a mere victim of her mother's craving for fame (that woman desperately needs some parenting 101).


So my questions really are for Georgina Marquez Kelly (alias the super mom): Do you want your daughter to get slammed again? What is wrong with you?

Your daughter Rebecca has no business talking to the press during an election in which clearly she has no idea what's going down, and obviously neither do you.

Just because Black's mother is Mexican doesn't mean Rebecca has any clue what she's doing. She doesn't speak Spanish and she doesn't know a thing about Mexicans living in Mexico. She is famous herself for one things: Her song video "Friday" which went viral (167 million people viewed it) and became the most disliked video on YouTube. Unfortunately, at the time, the 8th grader was a victim of cyber bullying and had to leave her school. 

During the "endorsement" Black spoke about the importance of youth involvement in politics and also offered supportive words to her presidential pick, "Peña Nieto is going to do a fantastic job."

(How the hell do you know this young lady, your brilliant Mom told you so?)

Rebecca Black's uncle happens to be Gustavo Petricioli, a city council member for the PRI in the state of Morelos. And if he was the one who came up with the idea of having his niece's endorsement for the party, he's clearly a moron.

I find the whole thing to be an absolute embarrassment for the PRI. It only helps by serving as an example of how deeply disconnected Peña Nieto is from the young voters.

In any case, poor Rebecca Black did nothing to improve the Mexican candidate's numbers and the only thing that comes out of the whole story, is how clearly she's being misguided by her own mother.

Only thing she's risking after all, is her daughter's well being.

What do you think of Rebecca Black's mother? You think she's doing all of this thinking only of her daughter?

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