10 year old gives birth in Colombia--why do we act like this never happens here?!

An 10 year old girl gave birth in Colombia and as a result, here in the U.S., people have begun to criticize the way in which children are raised in the Latin American country. Folks can't wait to express their incredulity about something so atrocious and unheard-of.

For many who have left their comments on the news articles published about the birth, this demonstrates the ignorance that abounds in underdeveloped countries and communities. And, although I can't believe it either and it seems like a total aberration to me, these types of comments really offend me!


Let's see, how do I explain myself. Well, there is this: To react to this case as if it was something that only happens in underdeveloped countries is absurd!!! People forget that the same type of things--and worse--happen here in this country. Here is a young girl who was impregnated by another child (a 15-year-old) and most likely had no idea what the possible consequences of their sexual behavior could be.

Another important thing to note is that the girl who gave birth last week belongs to an independent Indian tribe from Colombia called Wayuu. This doesn't mean that it's was Ok for her to get pregnant at so young an age, but I think that before you begin to make comparisons between how people educate and raise their children here and in Colombia, it is necessary to clarify that the girl does not represent the majority of people in that country.

Years ago, here in the United States, a 9 years old girl was raped and gave birth to a baby girl when she was 10 years old. As a matter of fact, on this list of the world's youngest moms the MAJORITY of incredibly young mothers are from the United States.

So if people want to talk about the ignorance of foreign cultures, I believe that they should first look at themselves in the mirror.

What is your opinion?

Image via Univisión