Bath salt snorting cannibal is nothing to joke about

Okay, I admit that I'm a huge fan of zombie flicks. Although I didn't really start watching them until I was much older, I fell in love with movies like 28 Days Later and Resident Evil. I'm even a fan of the funnier versions, like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. So, obviously, I'm game for a laugh.

All over the internet there are people joking about the zombie apocalypse starting in Miami because of the man who may have snorted bath salts and cannibalized another man's face, eating almost all of it off before he was killed by police gunfire. Well, I'm here to tell you: this crime is NOT funny.


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Honestly, it all freaks me out and kind of reminds me of the people that laugh at "dead baby" jokes. Guess what, guys, those aren't funny either.  And turning a horrible story about a man who died and one who is on the verge of death (since the victim, identified as homeless man Rolando Poppo, is still in critical condition at a Miami hospital) is just not a laughing matter.

Now, I don't necessarily think that humor is a bad thing to have in a difficult situation. A lot of times, making something kind of funny can ease the tension. But when it comes down to this type of crime, I think it's completely inappropriate and disrespectful to all involved. None of us should be laughing about something so horrible.

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Possibly one of the host horrifying things (to me) about people laughing about this crime is that snorting bath salts is a growing trend. If we keep treating it as a joke instead of as the serious problem that it is, people may be more willing to try and get high this way. And that is CERTAINLY not okay, but that's exactly what's going to happen if we laugh our way through the zombie apocalypse instead of recognizing this as the crime that it is. I hope people wise up because I for one really don't want to see something like this happen again.

Do you think it's inappropriate for people to be laughing over this crime? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Miami Herald