'America's Got Talent:' Isaac Ryan Brown could give little Latina, Alexa Narvaez, a run for her money!

This season of America's Got Talent is just chock-full of young talent! First 7-year-old Alexa Narvaez of Latino father-daughter singing duo stole the spotlight during the premiere of the show and now, 6-year-old Isaac Ryan Brown has also entered the competition. On last night's episode, which featured the St. Louis auditions, the beyond-cute little boy won over the entire audience and probably all of America with his shining and hilarious personality.


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Brown sang and danced to Jackson 5's famed track "I Want You Back." Though his performance was good, his adorable outgoing attitude is what really caught the attention of the three judges and the crowd, who started chanting his name. "You're a superstar," said Howie Mandel. Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne agreed, with Osbourne blowing Brown a kiss and Stern saying, "I love you already and I've just met you." All three voted to send Brown to the next rounds in Vegas, which sent him and his family into a flurry of excitement.

Oh my God, this could very well be one of the sweetest little boys on the planet. He is definitely the most charming 6-year-old I've ever seen! It looks like our favorite little Latina, Narvaez, might have some real competition.

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Actually, I would love to see Brown and Narvaez sing together! How amazing would that be? I mean, they are both clearly made to be in the limelight. I can't wait to see each of the kids in the next rounds in Vegas. There's going to be a whole lot of cuteness on that stage!

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Image via NBC