Ted Cruz should get a sense of humor like San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (VIDEO)

Looks like Texas is going to have wait nine more weeks to find out who will represent the Republican party in the state's Senate race. Cuban tea party candidate, Ted Cruz, forced the establishment favorite, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, into a runoff yesterday.

Though Dewhurst outnumbered Cruz in percentage of votes, he fell short of breaking the 50 percent majority required to avoid the late July runoff. Cruz secured his runoff spot by placing second with 32 percent. Now Cruz's backers hope to build on a new momentum to try and topple Dewhurst as the favored candidate.


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The delay in the primary election has only drawn more attention to what has already been an ugly battle between the two Republican candidates. Both campaigns have been throwing attacks left and right and with the runoff, the whole thing is sure to get even more vicious!

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Personally, I think both of these candidates should take a cue from a fellow Texan politician, who handled his conflicts not with negative name-calling, but with comedy. Yesterday, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro finally responded to broadcaster Charles Barkley's criticisms of his city with this hilarious video that pictures Barkley in drag and driving a golf ball in not very athletic fashion.

The clip is not only a hysterical and strong comeback but also a refreshing reminder to everyone that politicians can have some good-natured, (semi) friendly fun too. Hear that Cruz? A laugh or a smile every now and then can actually win people over!

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Image via Gage Skidmore/flickr

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