Latina wife of Etan Patz killer says she is done with her husband

I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to find out that someone you're close to was involved in a heinous crime. As much as I would want to stick by the person I loved, if they confessed to the crime, I would probably do the same thing that the Latina wife of Etan Patz's killer is doing: leaving her husband. Rosemary Hernandez, the wife of Pedro Hernandez—who has just been arrested and has confessed to killing the 6-year-old boy 33 years ago—has decided she is done with him.


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I'm not exactly surprised that she has decided to leave her husband despite their marriage and 23-year-old daughter. Finding out that your husband murdered a child in the past, even if he was young and stupid and it was many years before you met him, is not something that I could ever forgive. Rosemary apparently told Pedro's brother (as in, her brother in law and the husband of her own sister) that she was done with him. Emeterio Hernandez, Pedro's brother, told the New York Post what happened:

Rosemary is done. Done, done. She is devastated because they have been together so long. She cares about him.

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It's hard to think about the family that Pedro left behind almost as difficult it is to think about Etan Patz's own family, who finally at least have some closure on what happened to the child. But now Pedro Hernandez's family has to deal with the aftermath of his arrest and confession and it doesn't seem to be easy for anyone. The only positive is that they have a big supporter in Reverend George Brown, the pastor at the church that his family goes to (even though members of the church stuck by Pedro and didn't reveal his murderous confession), and his brother Emeterio, who has even said he'd walk Rosemary and Perdo's daughter, Becky, down the aisle one day. It's a difficult situation for any family, but I'm glad that they're at least sticking near each other—even if they can't possibly stick by the horrible crime that Pedro committed.

How do you think you'd deal with the news that a family member committed a crime? Would you be "done" with them like Rosemary Hernandez is with her child-murdering husband? Share with us in the comments below!

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