Etan Patz's killer may finally be in custody in New York (VIDEO)

It comes 33 years after the fact, but will the case of missing child Etan Patz finally be solved soon? The six-year-old boy's disappearance in 1979 sparked national attention and, after the case was re-opened in 2010, it seems that investigators may finally be closing in on who's actually responsible for the missing child. The New York Police department now reportedly have a suspect in custody.


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According to the New York Times, the suspect's name is Pedro Hernández and New York police commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement that "an individual now in custody has made statements to NYPD detectives implicating himself in the disappearance and death of Etan Patz 33 years ago." It seems that they may really be coming closer to solving the case of the child who was one of the first missing faces printed on milk cartons in the 1980s.

It's an interesting break in a case that was long-ago thought to be dead. The family asked for privacy from the media and I can understand why. It must not be easy to see the excavations going on just 100 yards from where the family still lives, bringing up memories of the missing child and the life he never got to live.

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Other suspects had been looked at in the case of Etan Patz in the past, including Othniel Miller (the handyman whose basement the police recently inspected) and José Antonio Ramos (a friend of Patz's babysitter who was later convicted of child molestation in another case). Now that the police have Pedro Hernández, will they finally be able to close out the case? Here's hoping, for the family's sake.

What do you think of the 33-year-old case of missing child Etan Patz? Do you hope his family finds peace when the case is solved? Share with us in the comments below!

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Image via NYPD