I LOVE Obama and I don't care who knows it

I think Obama is a freakin rock star! I love him. I am a groupie. I am one of his biggest fans.

I have stated plenty of times that the only real reason I'd want to be a resident of the United States of America is to be able to vote. Let me rephrase that, I want to be a resident so that I can vote for President Barack Obama. I already asked him to grant me my residency (being that he's the president and all) but so far--no luck. I forgive his lack of attentiveness to this matter, since the man clearly has a lot on his plate and has to focus on getting reelected.


If it were up to us chicas, President Obama would have no problem with his reelection. Women love him, for the most part. Black women, White women and Latinas love him-- with extra passion (because it comes natural to us).

By the way, this is enraging to some men.

I believe Obama has the support of so many of us women because he is quite inspiring but also, let's face it, because he is hot. He is, literally, the hottest president in the world. Go Michelle!

Some women don't even love him for any of his accomplishments, You know, like saving the economy, passing healthcare reform, whatever. Some women just love him because he is a straight up hottie.

Women like their man to care for them (not to "take care of them" please note the difference). In that sense, Obama is like a dream man.

Then again, he has done right by us. Women care about economic stability and the recent improvement in the economy has definitely strengthened Obama's approval ratings.

Also with the Republicans ongoing "war on women" and attempts to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood, Obama has taken a real stance to defend us. He came to our defense during the threat to reduce women's rights and exclude women from making their own health decisions. This is no small matter.

Women love Obama because we believe that he loves us back. He is not a man in a suit sealing deals with the bad guys and having martinis afterwards, no, he goes to his wife after work (and probably has amazing sex with her too).

And I say all of this with the outmost respect for Michelle Obama, she's the coolest First Lady that has ever set foot in the white house (I am sorry Jackie, but she totally beats you).

The President's relationship with his wife makes him even more desirable, because on the one hand we have this image of a strong, sensitive and sexy man but on the other, he seems quite happy with his wife--and Oh. My. God!-- commitment is sexy.

I love Obama because in my eyes he does stand for hope and change. But I also love him because I picture him in a sonic youth t-shirt and skinny jeans and he looks kind of awesome…

Image The White House/flickr

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