Secret Service agents caught with pants down in Colombia still fighting for their jobs!

The Secret Service prostitution scandal just refuses to end! Four of the men who were forced out of the agency for their inappropriate conduct in Colombia last month are now fighting to get their job back. Their reasoning? They are being used as scapegoats for behavior that they say is not atypical of Secret Service employees--or apparently military personnel, ambassadors or DEA agents!

The men argued that, contrary to media reports early in the incident, the agents who went out that night in Cartagena were not specifically seeking prostitutes but had scattered over a number of different bars and clubs. They also claim that before this scandal broke, the agency employed a casual, "whatever happens on the road, stays on the road" attitude towards any partying on behalf of the agents.


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Reportedly, current and former agency employees have also made similar statements, saying that supervisors often turned a blind eye to sexual encounters during official travel. Meanwhile, the Secret Service argues that it was clear that agents should not be bringing women back to their rooms or doing anything unsuitable on government trips. The cases of the four men have not yet been resolved.

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I don't even know why this is still being discussed! These men behaved inappropriately and are now crying about it because they got caught and fired. It's ridiculous! I'm sure that they probably are right in stating that previous to this scandal, the agency was much more lenient but that doesn't make them any less deserving of punishment. If anything, it should teach them and the Secret Service a lesson and make them start acting like grown-ups who actually put their country's needs before their own.

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