None of us need Facebook in our lives

People tell me I'm crazy--especially my other blogger friends--but the truth is I'm getting really sick and tired of Facebook and I'm seriously considering closing down my account. I know that for a lot of people the idea of living without Facebook sounds impossible, but just like there's more than one billion people on it today, there's obviously a lot more who are not and they seem to be perfectly fine. Could I be one of those people?

Like many users, I've become addicted to it and although I'm very careful about who I friend and I constantly go through my list de-friending those who I don't really consider close friends and family, I'm really getting tired of the whole thing and how much time it sucks away from my real life. 


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I've a lot of friends who are not on Facebook and although I'm always criticizing them for making my life more difficult since I can't just tell them to go to my timeline to see photos of my kids or keep up to date on my life, the reality is that I'd like to be more like them. Some don't have an account because they're not too techy--although using Facebook is super easy. Others simply refuse to get one because they'd rather have real life connections with people. 

But my answer to that is, 'What about staying connected to friends and family who live in another continent and with whom you just can't have a real life connection all the time?' At the end of the day, that's really the only reason why I've kept my account open--or, at least, that's what I tell myself. But that's not totally true. Many times, even if I don't want to, I find myself wasting precious time reading people's comments or looking at their photos even when I don't really know them. I've also been known to wake up and check Facebook as if it were vital for me to start my morning. WTF?

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My sister used to have a Facebook account, but she got fed up with the waste of time it had become in her life and with having to read other people boasting about all their accomplishments all the time and decided to close it down. And I think she's totally right. Will I be able to follow in her footsteps?

Would you be able to live without Facebook? Please tell us in the comment area. 

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