Not all Latinas are protected from domestic violence under the new Violence Against Women Act

The House of Representatives passed a GOP-sponsored bill to renew The Violence Against Women Act--an 18-year-old law originally sponsored by Vice President Joe Biden (D) that dedicates federal resources to assist all victims of domestic violence. Democrats were attempting to specify that gay, transgender, Native-American and non-citizens are entitled to the same protection as the rest of the Americans, prompting the Republicans to draft a bill that leaves those groups out and that President Obama has vowed to veto.

I want to light the House on fire--I am enraged! As a woman (not an abused one by-the-way), I am mad this bill even has to exist. Violence against anyone is a crime, period. We shouldn't need a special law for a violent act against each gender, sexual orientation, race or religion, what is going on with these people? Sadly, women are still not treated as equals in this country and this law helps protect us--or it is supposed to anyway.


Domestic violence isn't like most crimes for God's sake and I don't think Republicans understand this. In other violent crimes, the victim does not live with the attacker. Here we're talking about women going home to the enemy. They share a room with this person, they sometimes depend on their abuser for their well-being. These people need protection and the system is failing to provide it for them based on their what? Sexual orientation? Immigration status? Aren't they all still "women"?!

What the hell is going on with the world?

The GOP bill that passed creates situations like this: A Hispanic mother (without a visa) getting battered by her resident husband and being afraid to call 911. Her only choice is to go home to get beaten again. Under this law there will be no a shelter for her to stay if she wants to leave and what about her kids? If she presses charges, who will fund the investigation? She's an illegal immigrant and she'll probably get deported if she reports the crime--so she'll continue to get beaten up and put her life in danger. What a brilliant idea the Republicans had! What a great to create "self-deportation" and solve the U.S. immigration problem.

Also if you're a woman who's in a relationship with another woman who abuses you don't even bother calling 911, because under this new bill you don't deserve the same protection against domestic abuse or sexual assault as your heterosexual friend.

Do these people fail to see the obvious? These new bill provisions that fail to specify extending protections to Native American, lesbian, gay, transgender and illegal immigrants will actually make these people more vulnerable than they already are. The Democrats are absolutely right, the GOP's bill showed a shocking lack of concern on the part of the Republicans. Representative Carolyn Maloney said:

The indifference in this bill toward some, just some, is as chilling and callous as anything I have seen come before this Congress in modern times, Do these people not bleed, and bruise, and are injured just as much as anyone else?

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study last year found that 24 people per minute in this country are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by intimate partners so the fact that some groups are excluded is simply outrageous.

So I ask all the Mamás Latinas who can vote to take a look at how the Republicans are continuing their ongoing war against women. It began with contraception and our basic health rights, and now it has rolled out to women's right to be free of violence.

Please, please, don't let Romney (R) win this election.

How do you feel about this new bill? Do you think President Obama should veto it?

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