Guatemalan mom fights to get abducted daughter back from couple that adopted her

Losing a child is terrible, but what happens if you lose your child because someone else adopted her? Apparently, it can really happen as seen in the case of Lodya Rodriguez, the Guatemalan mom who says her child was abducted and then turned over to a U.S. couple for adoption. Now, Rodriguez is fighting to get her 7-year-old daughter back.

Reportedly, the child, Anyeli, was kidnapped in November 2006 as Rodriguez was busy opening the door to their house. She turned to see a woman taking the girl away in a taxi cab. Apparently, Ayeli spent over a year at an adoption agency before being adopted by a Missouri couple, Timothy and Jennifer Monahan.  There have been no allegations that they knew anything about the girl being kidnapped. 


Now, the State Department has informed Guatemala's government that it doesn't have the jurisdiction to help return the girl. Meanwhile, Rodriguez is saying that she is heading to a Missouri court to try and find a law firm that will aid her in bringing her child (whom she hasn't seen since she was 2) home.

An attorney and the legal representative of the Guatemalan agency that handled the adoption were both convicted of human trafficking last fall. A third woman was detained and charged last month with trafficking, conspiracy and forgery in connection with the adoption.

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"I'm looking for a law firm that will pursue this in the courts in the United States," Rodriguez said. "Even if she can't come home, to at least be able to have contact with her."

Is this crazy or what?! I feel terrible for both the poor mother and the Monahans, but especially for Anyeli herself! The poor girl must be so confused. And though none of the parties (at least, based on current evidence) are at fault, I still have to say I think rightfully, the little girl should be returned to her mother. Can you imagine what it must be like for her to have her child kidnapped once and  then to find out that her daughter is actually alive and well but living with other parents? It must be heartbreaking. At the very least, Rodriguez should have the right to contact her child and visit her when she wants to!

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And though I'm sure it is also extremely emotional and difficult for the couple who adopted her, I would think they would understand and acknowledge that their adoption wasn't exactly clean. I mean, what kind of adoption agency just lets a child be taken in without any background check or paperwork or legal abidance whatsoever?

The whole incident is complicated and devastating, but I hope that in the end, everyone involved does the right thing. In this case, the mom deserves to have a chance to get to see and know her daughter.

What do you think of the case? Who do you think the little girl should stay with? Tell us in the comments below?

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