Cruise line ignoring 3 young Latinos stranded at sea terrifies me!

When I first read about the Panamanian fisherman suing a cruise line after they neglected to rescue him when he was stranded at sea for 28 days, I thought he was joking. How can anyone be so heartless as to not rescue an stranded 18-year-old? Well, apparently the crew of that cruise ship could, since they did nothing to help the poor young man and his two stranded boat mates (both of whom died shortly after). This is the #1 reason why I hate it when my dad goes fishing (especially if he goes out to open sea). What if he's stranded, like these kids were? And, even worse, what if heartless so-called human beings do nothing to help even when they easily could have? This is an absolutely despicable act on the part of the crew onboard that Princess Cruise Lines ship.


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The story of his non-rescue is pretty horrific: cruise passengers saw Adrian Vasquez and his companions out at sea and notified the crew members, who apparently did nothing. Later that day, 16-year-old Fernando Osorio died, probably from having lost all hope after the cruise ship steamed away. Five days later, the third fisherman, 24-year-old Oropeces Betancourt, died as well. The cruise passengers eventually asked about what happened to the men, but apparently the cruise officer ignored them. When Adrian, the last surviving member of the stranded fishing boat, was finally rescued he has decided to file a negligence lawsuit against the cruise line. And I'm really glad he did!

The Star Princess Cruise Line released a statement that basically blamed everything on a "miscommunication" and said that the captain was never notified. They also said that "no employee onboard a Princess ship would purposefully ignore someone in distress." Um, so how do they explain what actually happened on this ship? What about the crew that was alerted by the passengers? They certainly did ignore someone in distress. What's THEIR excuse, exactly? They have none, actually. No matter what they claim, their behavior cannot and should not be excused.

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The whole situation just terrifies me completely. This situation makes me all the more afraid my dad, who loves to fish for fun, and for all of the other fishermen out there. It's one of the reasons I never take my dad up on his invitations to go fishing. Stories like these are the stuff of nightmares for me. 

I really hope that Adrian wins his lawsuit because, no matter how many times they say it was an accident, there are just no excuses for their ignoring people stranded at sea.

What do you think of a cruise ship abandoning men stranded out at sea? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via steamboatsorg/flickr