Trayvon Martin's mom uses tragic murder of her son to campaign against "Shoot First" gun laws (VIDEO)

This past weekend was Mothers Day, but one woman had little to celebrate after a few very difficult months --Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton. The mother of the 17-year-old Florida teen who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman is now going viral in a new national campaign that asks parents to support stricter gun laws.

The Second Chance campaign, launched after Martin's death, works to reform and repeal new "Shoot First" laws similar to the ones in Florida, which allow people to legally use  their guns as long as it's in (supposed) self-defense. The law has been critical in building up Zimmerman's case against his charges of second-degree murder.


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Now, Fulton and the campaign organizers are launching a video campaign to ask people to sign an online petition that is meant to show state legislators the need for more responsible gun laws. 

I myself am so thankful that she's stepping up and drawing awareness to a cause that obviously needs to be paid attention to and worked on–especially since (unbelievably) there was no apparent discussion about reworking gun laws on the federal level, even after the incident between Zimmerman and Martin.

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At least, Fulton has plenty of time to make sure her opinions heard. After her fellow Miami-Dad county employees donated the equivalent of $40,825 of their vacation time, she is reportedly now able to take about eight months of paid leave. Hopefully, she'll use some of the break to continue promoting and the campaign, which is absolutely necessary to ensure that guns don't, once again, fall into careless and negligent hands. Maybe with her help, state officials will actually step up and start taking action!

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