Bristol Palin is wrong about President Obama being influenced by his daughters

Bristol Palin isn't exactly what I would consider a good example to my (future) children. The daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin got pregnant as a teen, eventually split up with her baby's father and then went on Dancing with the Stars. Now, I love the show and I love dancing, but I don't think that exactly makes the 21-year-old a good parent, much less someone who should be giving out advice. But now that she's attacking President Barack Obama for his recent support of marriage equality, I'm doing a double take and wondering: wait a minute, isn't this the same girl that had a baby at barely 18? Why exactly is she criticizing someone else's parenting skills?


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To say that her new statements are ridiculous would be an understatement. In a new article titled "Hail to the Chiefs – Malia and Sasha Obama", Bristol actually blames the president's two adorable daughters as the reason that he now supports same-sex marriage. How can a girl who undoubtedly has made a few unwise decisions in her life actually blame two innocent children for an adult's change of mind? She is just completely, absolutely wrong about this one.

Her whole argument about President Obama is that he should have been a real parent and not let himself be influenced by his daughters. Well, I think that a real parent would take his children's opinions into account. He didn't make a decision about marriage equality because of his daughters, though, his views have been evolving for years. Yes, he was influenced by some of his daughters' friends' parents but that's not all. He went on to talk about other family and friends and neighbors, along with members of his staff and soldiers and marines—all who are in serious, monogamous relationships raising children who just happen to be gay. He wasn't influenced by just his daughters, he committed himself to marriage equality because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Period. 

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The most ridiculous part of Bristol's essay, though, is that she claims that there is no reason for him to "change thousands of years of thinking about marriage." Now, I've heard this argument from people opposed to marriage equality before and I'm here to tell you: DO YOUR RESEARCH. Marriage, just like everything else in our society, has changed thousands of times. In case you haven't noticed, Bristol, but blacks are now allowed to marry whites (something which was illegal in our country before the Civil Rights Movement changed that), women are no longer property or forced into marriage by their fathers (thank goodness) and couples are allowed to get divorced (again, something that wasn't legal 500 or so years ago).

I don't know what she's thinking actually putting the blame on children instead of looking at the whole of President Obama's statement but she's wrong, wrong, wrong. I hope that her child doesn't grow up to blame her mom for the things that she doesn't like about others. But at the very least, I hope someone explains to her what the words "marriage equality" actually mean, why it's unfair to blame children and give her a nice, detailed list of how marriage has, in fact, changed throughout the millennia. As a single mother who wasn't forced to marry the father of her child, she's living proof of that.

What do you think of Bristol Palin blaming President Obama's daughters for his affirmation of marriage equality? Share with us in the comments below!

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on May 11, 2012 at 1:59 PM

Bristol Palin is not the sharpest tool in the shed and neither is her mother. As parents, we should learn from our children and vice versa. That is how we grow as people. To stay stuck as the same person that you were when you were 18 is ridiculous. We should be constantly trying to change to be better.

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on May 11, 2012 at 2:00 PM

First off I do not think the fact that she was a teen mother has anything to do with why she should or shouldn't be allowed to state her opinion. Just because she made the choice to have a baby as teenager does not in any way make her a bad mom or not an educated parent. Your words about how you wouldn't want her to be an example to your future children, is why I am stating this. I became a mom at 15 and have given many other youngs advice and parents have come to ask me to talk to their kids,so I have a great deal to say that is very real, and helpful, Bristol may as well. And although I do not agree with her opinion in this she still has the right to state her opinion, just as you do! And when people state an opinion that is different from ours doesn't give you the right to attack them for their personal life choices.  Agree to disagree with it and move on!!

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on May 11, 2012 at 2:04 PM
I think we all know who is behind Bristle's "writings". Next thing you know Sarah will have Piper and Trig put up blogs so she can continue to covertly screech her jealousy of President Obama's family. When Bristles was pregnant with one of the kids, she told Levi "I pray you are not the father" so obviously there was someone else in the picture. Now she feels free to advise our President!! I wish ALL the guys who have had her would get together and write a book. A reality show, where each week another guy tells of his adventures with Bristles! It would make her reality show even more of a failure than the previous 3. I thought the Palins were striving for a religious following, maybe televangelism. Once they knew there was money in that scam, you would think they would go for it. Anything but actually WORK for a living.
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