Natalia Juarez, you have my vote!

The social networking sites are buzzing with debate over the Mexican congressional candidate for the leftist party (Democratic Revolution Party, PRD), whom released a campaign poster posing topless along with 6 other women -- all of whom are seen covering their breasts with their left hands while raising their right fists.

The poster reads, "Dare to build a new national project without prejudices!"

I love it! Natalia Juarez is a brave woman, the fact that she took such a risk in Guadalajara -- a State ruled by the extreme and conservative right -- is reason enough to respect her.


She declared that the idea behind her campaign is to be provocative and impactful and even if she's taking a risk with the conservative portion of the State, she wants to invite the people to compromise with a much-needed change.

Twitter users are divided, we have many women and men reacting positively and wanting to vote for her, while many others are calling her attempts shameful and disturbing. I strongly recommend you pay a visit to #NataliaJuarez -- to witness such difference in opinions.

But none of this is new, it's the same and eternal war between Conservatives and liberals. I for one, definitely hope Natalia wins this one, let's trust the youth of Guadalajara and hope that they move away from the conservatism that has ruled the State for many years.

Juarez is a 34-year-old philosophy instructor at Universidad de Guadalajara, and she claims that she's tired of watching her students graduate and move directly into unemployment. She believes she can help begin the change.

Obviously she's not scared of taboos and even though she lives in a conservative state she' well aware that the younger portion of the population wants a change and wants progress for everyone -- not only the rich and privileged.

And let me say this, when people have tried it all and haven't gotten anywhere it's time to look for new and different strategies, in order to make a real impact.

Bravo Natalia!

What do you think? You find it inappropriate? Is it too much?


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