Does this 18-month-old baby look like a terrorist?

When describing toddlers, the words "cute" or "loud" might come to mind…but definitely not dangerous. Apparently, some people don't agree since on Tuesday night, an 18-month-old girl was pulled off a JetBlue flight after an airline employee told her parents she was on a no fly list.  

Riyanna and her parents, who have so far remained anonymous, had just boarded a plane in Fort Lauderdale when an employee asked them to get off the plane supposedly because TSA agents wanted to speak to them. When Riyanna's mother questioned him further, the JetBlue staff member said "It's not you or your husband. Your daughter was flagged as no fly."

Both parents were confused and shocked (with good reason!) but left the plane. Eventually, the family was told they could re-board the flight but no one apologized for the inconvenience or even offered an explanation. Wait what?!


Shaken and embarrassed, the parents refused to get back on the plane and left the airport. Now, they are searching for an explanation. JetBlue has reportedly said it's investigating the matter but that it's most likely a TSA issue while TSA has, OF COURSE, said it's probably an airline issue. Sigh.

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Meanwhile, Riyanna's parents have their own theory: they believe their family was profiled because they are of Middle Eastern descent and because the mother wears a traditional head scarf. They plan to consult an attorney.

The whole incident is just freakin' bizarre and definitely fishy, especially with TSA and JetBlue both claiming they don't know what happened. I mean, what could possibly be the reasoning for a one-and-a-half-year-old to be on a no fly list? Too many toys? Too high-pitched a giggle? It makes absolutely no sense!

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But the worst part is that no one even attempted to clarify why all of the drama went down in the first place! I don't know if it's just my Latina attitude talking here, but if that was me and it had been my daughter, I would've caused some serious hell in that airport. How can someone just pull you off a plane, cause a huge scene and accuse your baby and then just take it all back without any explanation? Not acceptable!

I sincerely hope that the entire situation was just a giant misunderstanding and not really another case of racial profiling, but who really knows? In any case, both TSA and the airline owe this family a big, fat apology...and maybe a few comped flights!

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