Oh, no --Mariano Rivera's career could be over! (VIDEO)

Bad news for Yankees fans! Latino Mariano Rivera, the team's closer, tore his ACL and meniscus on Thursday night – most likely taking him out for the rest of the season and potentially even ending his career.

Rivera's cleat was caught as he tracking down a ball and his knees gave out, making him go down and hit the outfield wall on the way down. The pain from the fall was obvious on the legendary pitcher's face as he laid on the ground, causing even fellow team member Alex Rodriguez to exclaim "Oh, my god!"

"It's not a good situation, but again, we've been through this before, and we're being tested one more time," the 42-year-old Rivera said to FOX News afterwards. "It's more mental than physical, you know? You feel like you let your team down."


So will this be the end? It's still too soon to tell! "At this point, I don't know. Going to have to face this first," he said. Rivera will wait until after this season to decide if, after 18 seasons, he'll retire.

I'm not a huge baseball follower but if I am cheering for anyone, I'm cheering for the Yankees –so as fan and a member of the Latino community, I feel especially horrible for Rivera. He has had one of the most glorified, highly praised careers in baseball and now, it could all end like this, in a split second all because of a bad fall. Now Rivera needs support from his fans and fellow Latinos -so make sure to say una oración today and wish for Rivera's speedy recovery! In the meantime, here are 6 things you didn't know about Rivera that prove we need him in the game: 

  1. He has the most career saves, with 608 – plus 42 in the posteason to match his uniform number.

  2. He has not allowed a postseason homer in 81 innings, since Jay Payton in the 2000 World Series, in a game the Yankees won.

  3. Rivera is very spiritual, often saying that everything happens for a reason and that he serves God above all.

  4. He steps up when it matters most, like in the postseason. With a postseason earned run average of .70, he's proven that he performs under the highest pressure and with the toughest competition.

  5. He has five World Series rings!

  6. He is beloved by his teammates. After seeing him fall, both Rodriguez and Derek Jeter expressed their praise for Rivera and worry over his injury."Mo has meant so much to us on a personal level, and his significance on the field, on the mound," Rodriguez said while Jeter described him as "somebody who does something that's never been done."

Get better soon, Mariano!

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Image via Keith Allison/flickr


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