If John Edwards were my husband, I would kill him!

If there's something we Latinas have is a lot of pride and dignity. Don't take this the wrong way, but my husband -- who is an American-- always tells me that "Latinas' fury is the worst." And he is right, because when it's about defending our honor, we don't hold back. Perhaps that "latina's fury" is what poor Elizabeth Edwards needed– wife of former Democratic presidential and vice president's candidate John Edwards, who unfortunately died on 2010, after enduring a long battle against breast cancer.


At the moment John Edwards is in the public sphere because he's on trial for using campaign funds to conceal his extramarital relationship . And although we're still waiting on a verdict because the proceedings continue bring up more testimonies, everything points to the fact that Edwards will be found guilty. After one week of intense and emotional testimony, the prosecutor's office began painting an negative image of the former Democratic candidate as a "manipulative and greedy politician" who used campaign donations for his own benefit.

Even so, the sentence Edwards would receive will never repair the damage he caused his children, but above all, to his wife Elizabeth. He abandoned her at the moment she needed him the most and it didn't matter to him that the mother of his children was dying. All he cared about was his "fling" with Rielle Hunter, whom he continued seeing (and fathered a child with), even when his wife asked him to stop.

And this is precisely when I believe that Elizabeth should have ruined him. If she had been a Latina, she would have killed him! Obviously not literally, but with other actions. I would have take charge of throwing his political race down the drain, in a blink of an eye and let everyone know the kind of "tipejo" John Edwards was. I would have thrown him out of the house without thinking it, would have thrown out all his things to the street and, of course, I would have called for a divorce on the grounds of infidelity, so that my children and I would be economically protected.

Yes! I know that it sounds awful, but it's the MINIMUM that this "tipo" deserved for all the damage he did to his family. Don't you think?

You what you would have done?

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Imagen vía John Edwards 2008/flickr

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