Is it possible that prayer can solve America's problems?

Who says we don't need a National Day of Prayer? Of course we do!

I had no idea that the U.S. had a National Day of Prayer, despite the fact we've been celebrating it for 61 years.

Yup, that's me. I live in my own world. I'm also not surprised that this day doesn't cause much of a discussion. I've read about four articles published by respectable publication about National Day of Prayer. That's it.   


Some activists are calling for the day to be renamed National Day of Reason because calling it National Day of Prayer violates the religious liberties. They argue that the day is being tainted by religious intent, and that in its current state, is a contradiction of spiritual freedom.


When posed in that manner, I agree. However, it seems pretty dumb to waste time and lots of ink discussing this issue. Humans, whether religious, atheists, or agnostic need spiritual support. Everyone. Even those who say they don't believe in religion.    

 In this country—and others—months and years go by, and people are dragged by personal, national, and global problems. In general, we let time pass and disorient us, and we pretend the past is completely separate from the future.

 Without much exception, the majority of people—those who profess a religion and those who don't—want to be rescued when faced with a tough situation. My father used to say that even atheists have at least said, "Oh, my god."

Alright, one day of prayer is not going to solve all our problems. It's not going to resolve our financial crisis, or stop wars, create millions of jobs our country needs, and it's not going to help us figure out how to deal with immigration. However, I do think it can help us recover our faith and sense of humanity.  

I'm a huge believer that truth and faith can move mountains. Plus, I don't think a prayer or positive thinking is going to hurt us. Quite the opposite. An old saying in our Latino community assures us that whatever is lost is often recuperated somewhere else. Perhaps prayer is the vehicle that will help us recover our nation's collective confidence. Regardless of who you pray to or your faith, what's important is that we all pray. That's why I am in favor of National Day of Prayer .

What do you think of Nationa Day of Prayer?

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