107 people charged with stealing almost $500 million from Medicare

Remember how grossed out I was about food a couple weeks ago? Well, this week I'm officially declaring What is WRONG with People?! week. Seriously, I have to ask: what is WRONG with some people?! There has recently been way too many bad news, from a mom who put bleach in her daugher's eyes for months to a girl suffering from severe burns after her mom took her to a tanning salon to a baby girl who died after her clitoris was amputated and a mom who got life in prison after raping her 5 month old daughter. It's all got me sick to my stomach. Now I'll add this story to that list: 107 people have been charged with trying to defraud the federal Medicare program of $452 million.


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That's right, 452 million dollars. People have been arrested all over the country for doing things like submitting false billing for home health care, mental-health services, HIV infusions and physical therapy. There's also been money laundering and receiving kickbacks. Oh my god. What is wrong with the world today?! How can so many people be taking advantage of Medicare, a program that's giving health insurance to the elderly? In a story in The Columbia Dispatch, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's criminal division, Lanny Breuer, explains who did it all:

These fraud schemes were committed by people up and down the chain of health-care providers — from doctors, nurses, and licensed clinical social workers, to office managers and patient recruiters.

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I am completely horrified that people who are supposed to be helping others, like doctors and nurses and social workers, have actually been stealing money all along. The only thing that I'm happy about is that President Barack Obama's doing what he can to squeeze out fraud from federal programs like this. But it's really breaking my heart that people can be so hurtful to one another, especially when it comes to stealing money from a program for the elderly.

What do you think of the government arresting people that have stolen millions from Medicare?

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